About Us


Welcome to, Version 4!

I’m sure many of  you have been wondering when the website will undergo a make-over, well, finally, at long last…here we are!

You’ll notice this is a major step away from previous versions.   Those who know me, know of my undying love for Taisho Era, a short, but important time during Japan’s history.  A time of major innovation with the arts.  A time of self reflection. A time of change.

After decades of experimentation during Meiji era, Taisho was when geisha realized their calling as preservers of traditional arts.  In an age of Moga, chorus lines and cafe girls, coupled with a fascination of the Western world, a return to tradition was sure to be a breath of fresh air for some.  Perhaps the geisha of Taisho era knew what the future held?  Today, with traditional arts dwindling,  geisha have gone from simply being entertainers to being keepers of history from an age long gone.

Therefore, I’ve designed version 4  as a tribute to the legacy of the geisha and maiko of  greater Taisho era.